Eyeliner products can generally be divided into three types


Eyeliner products can generally be divided into three t […]

Eyeliner products can generally be divided into three types. One is the eyeliner gel that many people prefer to use. This gel pen is very convenient to use. However, there is a big disadvantage of eyeliner gel pen, which is that it cannot draw very thin lines. This is less suitable for women who want to create nude makeup effects.

So some people like to use eyeliner or eyeliner very much, because both eyeliner and eyeliner can use brushes to help them create smoother lines and draw thinner eyeliners. However, the liquid eyeliner and eyeliner are relatively easy to dry out, so at this time, we can use the following methods to alleviate the dryness of eyeliner products.

For those who like to use eyeliner and eyeliner, you can add an appropriate amount of eye drops to the product. Because eye drops are products that can be dripped into the eyes, the eye drops are very clean. We also don't have to worry about the products added with eye drops, which will cause damage to the skin around our eyes. When instilling eye drops, do not inject too much at one time, otherwise your eyeliner products will become very thin.

The lines drawn in this way are very unsightly. After dropping the eye drops, we must shake the product up and down, because this can make the eye drops better blend into the eyeliner or liquid eyeliner. After mixing the eye drops in the eyeliner product, we can use the eyeliner product to draw the eyeliner. At this time, it can be clearly found that the lines become very smooth.

We can also seal our eyeliner and immerse it in hot water for a few minutes. This method can also help us make eyeliner products more moisturizing. In fact, a large number of people are more prone to dry out during the use of liquid eyeliner. Because the eyeliner pen is very volatile when exposed to air, it is easy to dry out at this time. So if we can seal the eyeliner and immerse it in hot water.