For the whole makeup this color on the lips is the most vivid color


How to distinguish between lipstick, lip glaze, lip glo […]

How to distinguish between lipstick, lip glaze, lip gloss?

For the whole makeup, this color on the lips is the most vivid color. Different colors and different textures can reflect different styles and temperament. But the lip products are divided into lipstick, lip glaze, lip gloss, lip gloss. There are many fairy babies who say that sometimes it is not clear what is the difference between them. When buying the product, it is also a fog. water.


Lipstick is actually what we call lipstick, but it also contains a colorless lipstick that is used to protect our lips. Other lip makeup products are also based on this. The main ingredients of lipsticks include waxes, oils and pigments. There is no way to compare other lip makeup products in terms of saturation.

It is suitable for people who are dark in color, need to modify the lip shape, and have higher requirements on the color of the lips.

But the disadvantage is that the texture of the lipstick is dry. Although the lipstick has been improved, it is still relatively dry compared to the other three products.

Lip glaze

Lip glaze has been a big fire in recent years. Unlike lip balm, the texture of lip glaze is liquid, thicker, not easy to smudge, good coloring. And durability and saturation are also excellent.
Lip glaze

More suitable for makeup veterans, like a moisturizing, long-lasting sister.

The disadvantage is that because the texture is sticky, it is not easy to apply, it is not suitable for the novice makeup girl, and it is necessary to apply some skills.
Wipe lip glaze

Lip gloss

Lip gloss has not been fragrant in recent years. I still remember that when I was a child, my sisters liked to apply lip gloss. The whole mouth was like hyaluronic acid. The color of the lip gloss and the lip glaze is similar, but the color is not as high as the lipstick, and it is transparent and pale pink. The main ingredients are highly moisturizing oil and some glittering factors.