Which effect of lip glaze and lipstick is good for nude makeup?


Lipstick is our most traditional, classic, and most pop […]

Lipstick is our most traditional, classic, and most popular lip makeup product. It is a solid cream texture. It has a full range of color numbers, is easy to carry, and has many textures and upper lip effects. Matte, semi-matte, moisturizing All types are available, easy to use Lip Gloss Manufacturers and novice friendly. Matte and semi-matte lipsticks will be relatively dry and hard. It is best to use lipstick as a primer before use, otherwise the lips will be dry and lip lines will appear after application.

In addition, after the lipstick is used for a long time, the small tip at the top will disappear, and it is not easy to outline the lip line. At this time, it is best to use a lip brush to outline the shape of the lips, which is more hygienic and can prevent the growth of bacteria.

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The appearance of lip glaze is much later than lipstick, which can be regarded as liquid lipstick. Lip glaze is usually a viscous liquid texture. You need to apply it with the help of a lip brush when using it. The texture of the product is relatively moist and easy to spread. There are also many color numbers for lip glaze, both with glossy lacquer and velvet matte texture. However, because the lip glaze on the brush head is not easy to control the dosage, many novices will apply the lip range when using it, and it takes more practice to use it skillfully.

As for which effect of lip glaze and lipstick is better, in fact, this is a matter of opinion and needs to be comprehensively selected according to the depth of the lip lines, makeup effect, season, etc.

Lip glaze is highly saturated in color, easy to color, and has a moisturizing effect. If you have more lip lines, it is more appropriate to choose lip glaze. It can fill the depressions of the lips and moisturize the lips. Makes lips look fuller and more attractive, it is not easy to show lip lines, and it will not peel or peel. But the lip glaze of the same color will be lighter than lipstick.

Lipstick saturation is relatively high, and the color hiding power is strong, but the moisturization is definitely not as good as lip glaze. Some friends like to use the combination of lipstick + lipstick, which can alleviate the problem of deep lip lines to a certain extent, but if the lip is not in good condition and there is dead skin, the cabbage is still more recommended for the combination of lipstick + lip glaze the way.

In the hot summer, it is very suitable for the kind of shiny biling biling effect, which can make people look energetic and full of vitality. Although some lipsticks may have a fine flash, they are still not as bright as the lip glaze, so in the summer, the cabbage recommends the use of lip glaze. In autumn and winter, lipsticks that are more suitable for matte matte types will give people a warm feeling.

According to the different occasions, the choice of lip makeup products is different. If you are going to some important occasions, Cabbage Oh Xiaobian thinks that lipstick will be more suitable, it looks more formal and more dignified. Lip glaze is more suitable for more casual occasions such as dating, PARTY, and traveling.