Why saying that lipstick is a crucial part of makeup in daily life


I believe that many sisters will encounter this situati […]

I believe that many sisters will encounter this situation in daily life, even if they change different types of lipsticks, they also change many different colors of lipsticks, but they don’t have a feeling of 10,000 years, or even feel it. What is the change and why is this? How can we solve this problem?


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In fact, the first one is very likely to be that we always use one method to apply lipstick. That is, no matter what kind of lipstick we wear, no matter its texture and color, and no matter our makeup style today, when we first started makeup, we liked to paint the entire lips. This feeling will make us stand out a little bit. If we always wear some big red lipsticks, it doesn’t matter. But when we get some fresher pink and orange, we should change to a new one. The way to lipstick.

Like this kind of light-colored lipstick, if we usually add some lipstick to make the base, and apply a biting lip feeling, that is, half of it. This will give our entire makeup a finishing touch, and it will also make people who are more accustomed to our full red lips brighten up, and feel like a different person.
Another way is that we also use a little tool when we usually touch lipstick. We can apply a little highlight on the lip peak. This will show our lip peaks. Because some girls’ lips do not have lip peaks, it can be seen from certain lip augmentation surgeries that everyone’s requirements for lip plumpness are getting higher and higher, but we can also make some of our own makeup skills. Our lips appear fuller, so we can apply highlighter or highlighter to our upper lip. This is also some caution when we usually apply lipstick. It is not obvious and it is not easy to be seen by others, but it will appear that our whole person is different.