Basic precautions for trigger sprayer


Main variables of trigger sprayer In order to get the m […]

Main variables of trigger sprayer
In order to get the most from the trigger sprayer, it Trigger Sprayers helps to identify those sprayers with world-class quality and innovative concepts. While exploring the many options available for trigger sprayers, we can help you screen for inferior products and choose from the following variables to achieve the best product performance.

Trigger Sprayer JZ-T07

1. Content: For any potential trigger sprayer, the first consideration is the compatibility of the bottle and through the sprayer. We can help you find the solution you need for almost any type of product, including the contents that require chemical-resistant sprayers. Moreover, if the foam is the ideal output, we also have a large number of foam dispensers to choose from.

2. Nebulizer output: Simply put, this is a measure of the amount of liquid released a full stroke after priming. A typical sprayer output is .75cc, but options are still available in the range of up to 5cc.

3. Spraying method: Which form do you want the spraying liquid to take? Do you need fine mist, spray, direct current, circular flow of uniform droplets or something? No matter what options you need, we can help you find a solution.

4. Assembly: When considering the transportation method of the package, please consider whether to pre-assemble the sprayer or whether the consumer needs to install the spray trigger assembly. For many horticultural products, install the sprayer on the outside of the bottle, while ordinary household cleaners will be attached to the sprayer and ready for use immediately. Usually depends on where and how the trigger sprayer is used, and we can help you weigh the deciding factors.

5. Shippers and non-shippers: Quality and careful considerations are very different here, affecting the way your products survive in the mode of transportation and the way consumers ultimately appear on the shelves. Many trigger sprayers have an on / off position, but the "shipper" is a well-designed trigger sprayer, so when shipping, make sure it is in the "off" position and designed to not leak.