What are the safety issues of universal cosmetic boxes


Everyone already knows about the direction Cosmetic Pac […]

Everyone already knows about the direction Cosmetic Packaging of the development of Dianchuang packaging materials, the direction of the development of Dianchuang packaging materials, and so on. How do you view the multi-purpose use of daily packaging boxes for the safety of general cosmetic boxes? It is estimated that many people are not familiar with it. Today we will familiarize ourselves with experts! 1. Analysis of toxic and harmful substances in the production of solid wood cosmetic packaging boxes. Chromium arsenic copper  can be used to maintain the protection of fungi and termites during the production of cosmetic packaging boxes. Therefore, the method of pressurized antiseptic treatment  is international It is one of the approved ways to deal with harm. Many countries and regions such as the United States and Canada use chromium arsenic copper to carry out anti-corrosion treatment on the packaging box wood, including ship cushion wood and wooden pallets.

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The Shenzhen port has repeatedly found American softwood packaging boxes or lumber that have been treated with chromium arsenic copper for corrosion protection. Arsenic is recognized as a human carcinogen in various countries in the world, and it is hereditary. When inspection and quarantine personnel carry out quarantine on imported wooden packaging or load and unload workers, most of them have not adopted certain protective measures. Therefore, inspection and quarantine personnel quarantine the production process of cosmetic packaging boxes rich in arsenic. When the packaging is working, it is inevitable to touch the wood appearance. In the long run, the health of the personnel concerned will inevitably be seriously threatened. Also, arsenic also has great pollution to the environment. The wood discarded by arsenic antiseptic treatment cannot be burned and cannot touch the water surface or the ground. These are very difficult for the production of arsenic-containing cosmetic packaging boxes.


Analysis of harmful substances in the production of cosmetic packaging boxes. The production of solid wood cosmetic packaging boxes is widely used in import and export trade due to its stable performance, outstanding deformation resistance, corrosion resistance and shock resistance. However, since China has successively submitted quarantine requests to the United States, Japan, South Korea and the European Union for wooden packaging exported to China, especially since the release of new management measures, companies have made non-manufactured materials such as plywood, artificial board, fiberboard and particle board to reduce costs and facilitate customs clearance. The amount of solid wood packaging is added quickly. According to incomplete statistics, since 2006, the production of various non-solid wood cosmetic packaging boxes imported from Jiangsu has increased by about 15%. The quarantine risk of these packages has been reduced. General, general cosmetics box safety issues, but the toxic and harmful substances overspending situation is not optimistic.


Daily chemical packaging boxes have become the first action in commercial sales in commercial activities. Close contact takes place. As a daily packaging box planner, if you do not know how to spend your time, you will be blind. How to cause the attention of consumers, and how to further arouse their interest and induce them to adopt the final purchasing action, all of which need to involve common sense of cost thinking. Therefore, the study of consumers' spending thoughts and changes is the main component of the daily packaging box planning. Usually used as a mid-range daily chemical packaging method, between the inner daily chemical packaging box and the outer box daily chemical packaging box. It is usually composed of several colors, giving people a strong visual sense, so that buyers and users have a little understanding of the overall appearance and colors of products. Especially suitable for products that cannot be unboxed before purchase. Has been widely used in electronics, food, beverages, alcohol, tea, cigarettes, medicine, health care products, cosmetics, small household appliances, clothing, toys, sports goods and other occupations and products daily chemical packaging box matching and other occupations, is a No short career.