Cosmetic packaging design is usually based on simplicity


Cosmetic packaging design is usually based on simplicit […]

Cosmetic packaging design is usually based on simplicity, only need to display the necessary information such as trademarks, product names, etc. In many cases, no other graphics or patterns are needed. If the cosmetics packaging uses graphics and patterns, it is also very simple. For example, you can use raw material pictures, which are mainly used in some natural plants as raw materials.

Color is an important part of cosmetic packaging design. People often distinguish different products by color. Appropriate color can touch people's reaction at the earliest and most happily, directly stimulate consumers' desire to purchase. The color design of modern cosmetics packaging is mainly It is carried out from the following aspects:

Color design based on consumer gender. Women's cosmetics packaging uses mild but not strong, bright and not dazzling colors, such as: white, light green, light blue, giving a relaxed, lively feeling; male cosmetics packaging mostly uses high purity, low brightness, cool color, Such as dark blue, dark brown, giving people a sense of stability, strength, confidence, and sharp edges.

Color design based on the age of the consumer. For example, young consumers are full of youthful vitality, and the packaging designed for them can be like light green, which symbolizes the color of youthful life. With the increase of age, the psychology of consumers changes, and the noble colors such as purple and gold can satisfy the psychological characteristics of pursuing noble and elegant.

Color design based on product efficacy. Nowadays, the functions of cosmetics are more and more fine, moisturizing, whitening, anti-wrinkle, etc., and the color plays a key role in cosmetic packaging of different functions.

For example: moisturizing products are mostly blue and green, giving people a feeling of moisturizing and refreshing; whitening products are mostly white, sometimes adding some pink, blue or rosy white, or showing clear white The main colors of sunscreen products are orange and blue.

Color design based on raw materials. More and more cosmetics are directly used in the color of raw materials for product packaging, to achieve differentiated performance with other products.