Powder cake is a cake-like solid beauty product


Powder cake is a cake-like solid beauty product which i […]

Powder cake is a cake-like solid beauty product which is prepared by mixing and pressing a variety of powder raw materials (including pigments) and adhesives (grease components), and has the functions of covering, attaching, spreading, coloring and modifying, depending on the use. The different methods are divided into dry, wet and wet and dry. These products are mostly cool and mostly used in summer.

The powder cake consists of two parts, a powder box and a powder core. The powder core is filled into the powder box to form a powder cake, and the powder core can be replaced after being used up. Some brands of powder cakes are sold directly with boxes, but most brands can only buy powder cores, especially some Japanese brands, each season will have different powder boxes to attract customers. If the powder core is bought, the simple box is easy to break. It is recommended to buy the powder box together with the first purchase. When you buy it again, you only need to buy the powder core. It should be noted here that the size of the powder box and the powder core of the same brand is matched, but the powder core and the powder box are not matched between different brands.

Under normal circumstances, air cushion BB cream can be replaced, only need a shell, and then replace the air cushion powder, and now most of the BB cream contains replacement equipment, the composition is the same as the original air cushion powder In the replacement, you only need to remove the used air cushion powder, and then install the new replacement device. When replacing, turn on the air cushion powder and place the middle part of the bottom of the air cushion powder. Push the thumb of both hands and the old powder core will come out. Then put the new powder core, just press it in the original position, not too hard.