PET packaging applications and features


Traditionally used PET packaging is mainly used for fib […]

Traditionally used PET packaging is mainly used for fibers, which has a history of 53 years and a small amount for film and engineering plastics. Engineering plastic resins can be divided into two categories: non-engineering plastic grade and engineering plastic grade.

1. Non-engineering plastic use
Mainly used in bottles, films, sheets, baking-resistant food containers, etc.

2. Non-fibrous use:
It was first introduced by Kodak as a substrate for photographic film.
In the mid-1980s, the Coca-Cola Company introduced it to the world of carbonated beverage packaging.
In 2001, Xiaoyangren Group led the country, using high-tech means and modern unique craftsmanship, breaking the situation of avoiding the use of transparent packaging in the milk beverage field due to the principle of avoiding light, and introducing transparent PET packaging and packaging into the new packaging of fruit milk beverages. The field has created a new era of PET packaging milk drinks in China. Once the Xiaoyang people's transparent packaging fruit milk beverages are on the market, they are trusted and loved by consumers because they can visually display the color of the products and the appearance is fashionable and generous. At this point, the transparent PET packaging of milk beverages was quickly adopted by most dairy manufacturers.

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