Problems that should be paid attention to when bottled bottles are bottled


We know that a finished bottle is usually an artificial […]

We know that a finished bottle is usually an artificial bottle after the bottle and cap are produced. The general bottling is only to slowly tighten the cap, the speed is faster, but the bead bottle has more beads in the bottle head, so it is more troublesome and time consuming when bottling.

The demand for the bead bottle is very large. For some small and medium-sized manufacturers, some large orders must be completed quickly within the rated time, and the bottling work is almost always man-made, so the bead bottle When the bottle is in the air, everyone is in a hurry. Take the four bottles in one hand, press the ball head in turn, and then tighten the cap. Although this saves the speed, many bottles will rub against each other in the hand. The printing on the bottle body will be more or less worn, so the quality of the bottle cannot be lost because of the quickness.
In addition, since the head of the ball is a steel ball, it will cause pain to the fingers when pressed into the Roll on bottles. A large number of bottles will cause finger damage, so it is best to wear gloves when loading the bottle. Protect your fingers.