The development trend of cosmetic packaging


In the fight for the young consumer market, the “war” o […]

In the fight for the young consumer market, the “war” of cosmetic brands on environmentally friendly packaging has already started. Have you gotten it?
1. Environmentally friendly packaging
One-off culture will gradually become a consensus, and product packaging will play a major role in reducing waste of food and products worldwide.
Brands now need to take action and use packaging as a communication channel to guide consumers through the benefits of packaging, from extending the shelf life of food to providing efficient and safe basic products to all regions of the world.
2. Electronic packaging
As more and more consumers embrace online shopping, packaging will play a key role in the e-commerce experience between brands and consumers.
Online shopping is becoming more and more popular around the world and is found everywhere in the world. Although the main advantage of online shopping is convenience, consumers' expectations are more from their favorite brands.
When a designed package needs to be viewed online, or when the shipping package needs to be opened at home, the e-commerce packaging experience must reflect the consumer's expectations when shopping at the store.
3. Simple label
Brands refuse to provide too much or too little information on packaging designs that guide consumers' purchasing decisions, as this may make shoppers more confused about information.
But when consumers are plagued by overloaded information, they may be in conflict with the brand.
Brands must bring a new generation of clean labels to packaging design, providing consumers with a calm, clear moment in an increasingly busy retail environment. Simple and clear, it is bound to form a clear stream in an increasingly busy society.
4. Protect the ocean
Plastic packaging floating in the oceans of the world will be a catalyst for the brand to reconsider the packaging material of the product under the background conditions that consumers can understand and implement.
Consumers' demands for different types of secure packaging have increased, which has influenced shopping decisions. Brands can overcome the growing obstacles to consumption only by working hard to communicate.
In order to keep plastics away from the ocean, new efforts are needed in the circular economy to ensure that more environmentally friendly packaging materials are put into use.
5. Modern packaging
The brand will look at the modern packaging form to re-engage young consumers to see the less visited mall walkways.
Packaging made of transparent materials creates a sense of openness and trust and is in line with the interests of millennials consumers – fresher and healthier. Modern design, recyclability, and a unique shape can also appeal to younger consumers.

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