What are tight head containers


A tight head container Roll on bottles is a plastic con […]

A tight head container Roll on bottles is a plastic container that is designed to ensure its contents are transported safely and securely  even after opening. Also called a “closed head container,” the tight head designation refers to the opening at the top of the container that allows for the dispensing of the contents inside.

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These containers are blow molded from HDPE and are paired with HDPE or PP closures that are typically tamper-evident. Tight head containers are used for a number of industrial applications because they are a time-tested durable solution.Although commonly thought of as the go-to choice for chemicals used for lawn and garden, janitorial, epoxies, and adhesives, tight head containers are also commonly used with beverage concentrates, flavors, and more.


Tight head containers are a great alternative to open-top pails, as their integrated handles make them easy to carry and provide added strength. These containers are square or rectangular in shape providing efficiencies in palletization.Because of their shape and flat surfaces, there is a lot of space for labeling, which makes it easy to provide consumers with a wealth of product information right on the packaging.


One of our manufacturing partners has introduced a more eco-friendly tight head container that has been lightweighted. This container provides the same durability as standard-weight containers but uses less plastic to produce. There is even a multi-layer option that uses PCR.Using lightweighted containers is a great way to reduce your company’s overall environmental impact in a way that consumers will notice and appreciate.