Another cushion powder that can replace the cushion powder


Another cushion powder that can replace the cushion pow […]

Another cushion powder that can replace the cushion powder in the cushion BB cream is the replacement pack. Under normal circumstances, air cushion BB cream is replaceable, just need a shell, and then replace the air cushion powder, and now most BB cream contains replacement packs, the composition is the same as the original air cushion powder When replacing, just remove the used air cushion powder and install the new replacement.

Those who have used air cushion BB may know that when we buy air cushion BB, there are basically replacement cores to sell, which means that after replacing the air cushion BB, you only need to change the replacement core, and you do n’t have to buy the whole box. .

1. With the air cushion powder turned on, place the middle part of the bottom of the air cushion powder. 2. Push the thumb with both hands and the old powder core comes out. 3. Then press the new powder core in the original position, don't press too hard.

After using air cushion bb cream, you need to use powder foundation, which can help set makeup. Loose powder and powdered powder have similar effects, you can choose one of them. Classification of powder foundation use: Wet and dry foundation: It has the dual effects of foundation and powder. It can be used as a foundation when wet and can conceal flaws; it also has a certain concealing power for dry use. To the role of set makeup. Compressed honey powder: In comparison, the powder will be slightly thicker than the dual-use powder, which is equivalent to a portable powder. There is no concealing power, the main function is to fix makeup, repair makeup, and remove shine.