Vacuum bottle reduction method you can first remove the pump head


Vacuum bottle reduction method You can first remove the […]

Vacuum bottle reduction method You can first remove the pump head, etc., and then poke the tray down with a hard object longer than the bottle, and the vacuum bottle is restored. After the pump head of the vacuum bottle is restored, the vacuum bottle can be filled with cosmetics again and reused. But wash the bottle before filling. In general, when the vacuum bottle is pressed, the bottom tray will run up, squeezing out the contents, and when the contents are used up, the tray has already reached the top. Repeated use is to push the tray running to the top and press it again.

In cosmetics, the vacuum bottle is very beneficial, it can completely isolate the cosmetics in the vacuum bottle from external bacteria. The contents of the airless bottle can be completely isolated from the air to prevent the product from oxidizing and deteriorating due to contact with air, which can breed bacteria. The airless bottles commonly used in the market are composed of a cylinder and an oval container and a piston at the bottom. Its design principle is to use the contraction force of the spring and prevent air from entering the bottle, creating a vacuum state, and use atmospheric pressure to push the piston at the bottom of the bottle forward.

The airless bottle is the best bottle device to solve the oxidation / deterioration caused by contact with air / bacteria. The vacuum bottle uses a short vacuum tube and a bottom piston to remove the air in the bottle holder, and the internal pressure is vacuumed by pressing. This technology can prevent the contents from contacting the air, remove the doubts about oxidation and deterioration of the product, and achieve the benefits of oxidation prevention, pollution prevention and no residue.