What is a sunscreen spray?


What is a sunscreen spray? In short, as the name sugges […]

What is a sunscreen spray?

In short, as the name suggests, it is spray (serious face). But to complicately, it is a simple sunscreen product, which can be about equal to the spray version of traditional sunscreen products, but there is some difference

Before going out, apply traditional sunscreen products and bring a sunscreen spray with you, which can be easily reapplied outdoors. In addition, the sunscreen spray is not greasy in texture, and the texture is fresh and natural. Blessed is the girl who is afraid of sticking her hands.

In addition to spraying on the whole body and face, sun spray can also be used directly on the hair to help hair achieve sun protection.1. Most sprays are able to isolate ultraviolet rays for a long time, especially UVA and UVB rays, to prevent skin damage;

2. Fresh and non-sticky formula, most of them have natural mint extract and moisturizing ingredients, soothing when sprayed to the skin;

3. Basically spray-type design, pinhole shape, easy to control the dosage, spray is mist-like

In addition, the sunscreen spray can be evenly attached to the skin from various angles, it is refreshing and does not stick to your hands, and it is clean and hygienic when you apply it.Not all sunscreen sprays can be sprayed directly on the face, only the sprayer sprays a mist-like sunscreen, and it is suitable for spraying on the face evenly and delicately. If the spray head sprays large drops of water or lotion, it is best to spray it on the palm of the hand before applying it.Shake before using. Before going out, apply an appropriate amount to the whole body. Make up regularly. Although most sunscreen sprays are waterproof and sweat-proof, you still need to make up after swimming or sweating a lot. Not recommended for sensitive and sun-damaged skin.

Generally speaking, sunscreen spray can be sprayed directly about 15-20cm away from the face. The specific use method is: follow the contour of the hairline, pass the chin, spray it around the face, but be careful not to spray it in one place. Doing so will affect the sunscreen effect, and it is easy to "white".